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performances and films

Mourning for a dead moon / choreographic performance , Artaud Performance Center, Brunel, London, 2019

/ Metakimosphere no. 5 / immersive installation, Film-Drama Studio, Queen Mary University, London 2017

/ Metakimosphere no. 4/Horla / immersive installation, Artaud Performance Center, Brunel, London 2017

/ Metakimosphere no. 3 / immersive installation, METABODY FORUM, Artaud Performance Center, Brunel, London 2016

/ metakimosphere no.2 / immersive installation at METATOPE, International Metabody Platform, MediaLab Prado, Madrid, Spain 2015

/ for the time being [Victory over the Sun] / Lilian Baylis Studio –Sadler’s Wells, London, 2014

/ TatlinTower and RedMicroDress / BBC World Series, “Click” Program on Wearable Technologies, London, February 25 2014

film excerpt from Click Program featuring TatlinTowerHeaddress and RedMicroDress

/ RedMicroDress in the 10th Country / interactive dance, Interaktionslabor Göttelborn, Germany 2013

/ TatlinTower / performance and film, KINETICA Art Fair, London 2013

/ for the time being / Watermans International Digital Arts Festival, London 2012

/ Bourdon / interactive dance, Interaktionslabor Göttelborn, Germany 2011

/ UKIYO [Moveable Worlds] / Lilian Baylis Studio - Sadler's Wells, London, 2010

/ UKIYO [Moveable Worlds] / Artaud Performance Centre, Brunel University 2009 / KIBLA Media Arts Centre, Maribor, Slovenia, 2010

/ Suna no Onna / Laban Centre (INTIMACY Festival), London, December 2007

/ Suna no Onna / Watermans Art Centre, London, Mach 2008

/ Klüver / diptych film installation, Design in Motion festival, Prague Quadrennial, Czech Republic, June 2007

/ Intimate Klüver / on tour in “B-Sides” Program, Upgrade! International, Oklahoma City, USA, curated in collaboration with New Media Scotland, 2006-2008

/ Intimate Klüver / diptych film installation, DRHA, Dartington College of Arts, September 2006

/ tedr / telematic performance, Digital Cultures festival (linking Nottingham, Phoenix, Sydney), December 2005

/ The emergent dress / diptych film exhibition, Wearable Futures, Newport, Wales, September 2005



/ Lung Pulmo Pneumo / film / Cinedans // Dance on Screen Festival, The Eye, Amsterdam The Netherlands, 12-16 March, 2014

/ Audiophonic Design in Motion / film / ARTBAR MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art), Sidney, AUS, exhibition curated by Chicks on Speed 28/02/2014

/ Audible and Inaudible Choreography / film/ Night of the Experiments, CYNETart 2013 Festival, Dresden/Hellerau, Germany, November 2013

/ Audiophonic Design in Motion / film / Critical Costumes: Towards a Vocabulary of scenographc bodies, The Arts Centre, Edge Hill, Liverpool, January 2013

/ UKIYO [Moveable World] / diptych screen installation, Staatstheater Mainz, Germany 2010 / Subtle Technologies Festival, Toronto 2009

/ Ming Yi (Die Verfinsterung des Lichts) / film / IAPL London

/ INSIDE OUT: 2008 MA Design Exhibition / Michèle Danjoux / Bonington Gallery, Nottingham, July 11, 2008

/ Ceci n’est pas une pipe / short film, Choreographic Capture competition, Munich, 2008

/ "Design in Motion" / short film. The Art of Research: Research Narratives, Chelsea College of Art and Design, October 28-29, 2008


TV and Radio interviews /Video Lectures

"Dance, Costume, Climate and Contamination: expressive enabling entanglement in immersive environments"

Film/Lecture for Critical Costume 2020, Oslo, Norway, August 2020

Michèle Danjoux: "Sounding bodies": il corpo come strumento nelle performance.

Danjoux presenta l'idea di "sounding body", del corpo in movimento in grado di controllare e trasmettere il suono attraverso estensioni e costumi aumentati da tecnologie digitali o analogiche. 2013

Michèle Danjoux - "Design in Motion" Interview 1, Performance Academy/Interaktionslabor, Germany, 2011

Michèle Danjoux, "Design in Motion" Interview 2, Performance Academy/Interaktionslabor, Germany, 2011


Phd / Research

Michèle Danjoux - Design in Motion: Choreosonic Wearables in Performance, Phd Thesis, London College of Fashion, University of the Arts 2018



Photo: Sosana Marcelino performing "Bourdon" in specially designed red leather costume and wearable wrist speakers, Interaktionslabor 2011 (c) Danjoux


(c) Michèle Danjoux