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// INSIDE OUT exhibition and book launch: Friday, July 11th @ 6pm, feauring the presentation of Michèle Danjoux's ''Design in Motion'' installation, including several garments from the Teshigahara collection and film about the design process of "Suna no Onna."

Michèle Danjoux also launches her new artbook "Design in Motion'' as part of INSIDE OUT, the 2008 M.A. Exposition at Nottingham Trent University's Bonington Gallery //



front cover (left) - back cover (right)



a page from chapter 2: Move Structure (left) - facing page: the BeetleBody (right)



a page from chapter 4: Interface Design (left) - facing page: Bodies in real and virtual world (right)


Design in Motion is a hand-made/limited edition art book which was specially created and published for exhibition. However, since there has been increasing interest in the book, Michèle Danjoux is in the process of preparing a 'print on demand' version with MAHAJAN Publishers in India. Mahajan specializes in textile and technical books and suppliers of patent literature. For the home market, a UK publisher sought to provide a limited print run.



(c) Michèle Danjoux