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// dans sans joux - a label and laboratory for fashion/performance and interaction design - was founded by Michèle Danjoux and Johannes Birringer in 2007, after three years of creative research conducted in the dap-lab, first in Nottingham, then in London / the dap- lab was intiated in 2004 and will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2014 //

// dans sans joux explores convergences between performance, fashion design and movement, sound-clothing and choreography, film/photography, telematics and interactive design, featuring Michèle Danjoux's enigmatic audiophonic wearables. // dans sans joux is a high fashion brand creating amazing bespoke costumes and interactive wearables for performance. InstrumentWoman, WorkerWoman and TatlinTowerHeaddress are some of dans sans joux's most startling performance-fashion innovations //

// coinciding with the anniversay, dap-lab & dans sans joux invite to the premiere of for the time being [Victory over the Sun], Lilian Baylis Studio-Sadler's Wells, London, April 3-4, 2014 //

// DAP-Lab pursues performance/science collaborations and currently partners in the new metadisciplinary formations of immersive performance, designed with coorganizers of the METABODY project across the EU: 2013-2016 //


The lab's new immersive dance installations, kimospheres, were created first in 2015, in two versions (London and Madrid). A special gallery showing of some of the new prototypes for kimosphere took place at Le Cube - Centre de création numérique, Paris in October 2015. A new and much expanded version was premiered in London during the International Metabody Forum, April 2016. For full research and exhibition documentation of this event go to


// DAP-Lab and its dans sans joux label engage research partnerships with multiple sites in the USA, Japan, Brasil and the EU, formed via the ADAPT network in the early 2000s //



Photo: Vanessa Michielon in RedMicroDress (left), Emi Watanable as invisible Man with Ill IntentionsDress (right) (c) 2013 Danjoux


(c) Michèle Danjoux