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// dans sans joux - a label and laboratory for fashion/performance and interaction design - was founded by Michèle Danjoux and Johannes Birringer in 2007, after three years of creative research conducted in the dap-lab, first in Nottingham, then in London / the dap- lab was intiated in 2004 and celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2014 //

Photo: Vanessa Michielon in RedMicroDress (left), Angeliki Margeti with ChestPlateDress (right) (c) 2013 Danjoux


// dans sans joux explores convergences between performance, fashion design and movement, sound-clothing and choreography, film/photography, telematics and interactive design, featuring Michèle Danjoux's enigmatic audiophonic wearables // dans sans joux is a high fashion brand creating amazing bespoke costumes and interactive wearables for performance. InstrumentWoman, WorkerWoman. TatlinTowerHeaddress and RedMicroDress are some of dans sans joux's most startling performance-fashion innovations //


// coinciding with the anniversay, dap-lab & dans sans joux invited to the premiere of for the time being [Victory over the Sun], Sadler's Wells, London, April 3-4, 2014 //

// DAP-Lab has subsequently pursued performance/science collaborations with partners in metadisciplinary formations of immersive performance,initially designed with coorganizers of the METABODY project across the EU: 2013-2016 //


The lab's new immersive dance installations, kimospheres, were created first in 2015, in two versions (London and Madrid). A special gallery showing of some of the new prototypes for kimosphere took place at Le Cube - Centre de création numérique, Paris in October 2015. A new and much expanded version was premiered in London during the International Metabody Forum, April 2016. Further installments of the kimosphere series were staged in 2017. For full research and exhibition documentation of this event go to


// DAP-Lab and its dans sans joux label engage research partnerships with multiple sites in the USA, Japan, Brasil and the EU, formed via the ADAPT network in the early 2000s //





(c) Michèle Danjoux