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// design in motion // a label and laboratory for fashion/performance, introducing the TESHIGAHARA collection //


from the Teshigahara collection (winter 2007):

- DunesWoman: [Morphic] SandCoat with Sensors, Worksuit, Fishskin with Photocells, Leather Sensor Sleeve, Gloves, Belt, Spider Amulet

- BlueSpirit: [Liquid] Playsuit, Black Jersey Sensor Sleeve, 2 pairs of Gloves, Headscarf.

- FolkWoman: [Rhythm] Sandsuit, Obi, Headscarf, Beetle Amulet, Silk Ties for Hands.

- BeetleBody: Leather Gilet/Shell, Mask, Sensor Sleeve, Headscarf, Long Gloves, Leg Garter, Leggings.

- EvilVillage: [RecycleDress] Dress with Leather Hood, Headscarf, Leg Warmers, Beetle Amulet.


- CaptiveMan: Royal Coat, White Shredded Garment.


For more information on the collection and its performance contexts, contact our label.


from the UKIYO collection (spring 2010):

go here for the UKIYO collection


from the "for the time being" collection (spring 2014):

for the time being collection




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