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// Intimate Klüver, 2006-07, film installation and DVD //


Intimate Klüver is a film from a series of screen studies on telematic textures and intimate wearables, created for diptych screen projections in galleries. Many of the live performances of the Klüver collection (sensorial or intelligent garments with built-in sensors) have been developed in the DAP-Lab, sometimes locally and sometimes in cooperation with online performance partners in the U.S, Japan, Italy, and Brazil.

The film portrays a movement “character” (Zorro) who is teasing the camera and the 'responsive system' in which the latter is capturing/collecting information of the motion of body, color and cloth. The wearable garment is folded and extended as a prosthetic device, closely tied to the muscular and motor-sensory shifts of weight and flesh in the dancing body. In the project’s SensorDress prototype development, the corset is linked to the embedded computer environment through sensors added to the cloth, allowing the physically driven, agent-based digital object to behave in ways that can be programmed into a Virtual Performance Environment composed in real time.

The Zorro Garment and the dream-like 'ScreenDress' complement each other in the performance, as underworn and overworn clothing change the perception of the body and materiality...... the screendress garment is made out of chromatte fabrics, a light-reflecting cloth for chroma key production used in TV and film; this material, designed to work dynamically with a specialized camera, utilizing the retro-reflective properties of its fabrication for real time effects/image replacement, fusing motion graphics with onscreen performance. The Lab experiment with motion graphics superimposed on the garment, but has now moved on to newer concepts that regard the environment (responsive) space as a whole as a potential "wearable."

Art Direction by Michèle Danjoux
with Helenna Ren, Naum Eun Song (dance)

Film by Johannes Birringer
Sound: Marcel Broadthaers, Re-mix / Stef, “Afterlife”
Edited by Johannes Birringer
Length: 11:15 min
Postproduction: DAP-Lab © 2006-07



Photo: Film still from Klüver, featuring Helenna Ren (dance) (c) 2006 dans sans joux


(c) Michèle Danjoux