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// design in motion // a label and laboratory for fashion/performance, introducing the UKIYO collection //


from the UKIYO collection (spring 2010):

- Bandoneon Dress (worn by Caroline Wilkins), with Neoprene and leather collar feature (discardable appendage) with square speakers on spine. Design and Concept by Michèle Danjoux © 2009

- -WorkerWoman (Anne Laurse Misme) wears dysfunctional speaker bra, mini metal cage crinoline with tiny speakers, ostrich leather armlettes, rag wristbands, leggings, transmitter and contact mike and rotates wireless speaker. KIBLA Media Arts Center. Design and Concept by Michèle Danjoux © 2009

- SpeakerWoman (Helenna Ren):pvc trouser suit, shin pads, foam asymmetric hat,carrying martial bo with 20W suspended spherical loudspeakers. Design and Concept by Michèle Danjoux © 2009-10

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- RedMutant: Katsura Isobe wears partial corset and paillette sleeve, performing at KIBLA Media Arts Center.Design and Concept by Michèle Danjoux © 2009

- HammerWoman: (Helenna Ren) wearing lycra all-in-one body, necklace of tiny speakers and hinged polypropylene prosthetic arm with integrated bend sensor, eyelets and lacing feature, talon extended hand clutching hammer. Design and Concept by Michèle Danjoux © 2010



- LeavesDress: (Katsura Isobe) dancing the 3D creation scene in Gingko Leaves Dress, UKIYO, Sadler's Wells Design and Concept by Michèle Danjoux © 2010


Engineer (Yirogos Bakalos) at microphone, performing the role of engineer Brazhinsky, with Olu Taiwo (center) dancing the Kommissär.Design and Concept by Michèle Danjoux & Johannes Birringer © 2010




For more information on the collection and its performance contexts, contact our label.


from the Teshigahara collection (spring 2010):

go here for the Teshigahara collection


from the "for the time being" collection (spring 2014):

for the time being collection



Film camera/Digital stilles by Michèle Danjoux, Hans Staartjes, Johannes Birringer


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